The Club for all Resin Flooring Applicators

Resin Flooring applicators have got it tough

Being a resin flooring applicator can be a hard, demanding business and the job is not made easier when we are isolated from the rest of the world – and from each other.

We’re forced to pay more for essential equipment, make do with limited options, and miss out entirely when it comes to having fun and feeling like we belong.

Australian applicators have got it tough.

Resin Flooring Club enables applicators to be more equipped, more informed and get more enjoyment.

Welcome to Resin Flooring Club

Resin Flooring Club is open to all applicators wanting to make their resin flooring business more equipped, more informed and more enjoyable.

Buying Club

Discounts on products and equipment (nationally and internationally).

Buy and Sell

Direct access to a large second-hand market

Industry Channel

Regular updates on trade qualification and industry news


Meet-ups and industry events for networking, support and fun

This is not about marketing

Resin Flooring Club is not just another slick business strategy or cheap marketing trick. It’s a real passion motivated by talking to thousands of applicators over the years and listening to their stories.

The fact is we’re all on the same rollercoaster in our industry – an often rough and lonely ride that can take its toll in so many ways. While the club offers great value for businesses, we also want to make sure we’re delivering great value for YOU.

Click here to read more on why we started Resin Flooring Club.

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